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5 Christmas promo ideas for your business this December

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Every business has great products and services they offer to diverse audiences. We know that Christmas is fast approaching, and while some businesses have thoroughly planned out what sales and promos they want to have to cash out BIG this year, Some just wait to copy others. or perhaps do not have any clue how to take advantage of the season. Running promotions this season will not only help you make more sales it will also increase customer loyalty.

Did you say HELP? Say no more! here are 10 Christmas promo ideas you can implement this year. Be sure to put in the work and cash out BIG! If you run an e-commerce store, it’s never too early to start planning for the holiday season!

  1. Bundle gift products together – Many of your customers will be busy during the holidays. Every decision takes mental energy, and when there is so much to do around this period, they’ll be happy to offload some of these decisions. When you create gift bundles available during the holidays, you’re offering a win-win situation! Think through the best gift combination and offer an unbeatable price. Sometimes you might have to collaborate with other businesses to make this happen. If this benefits you customers, GO FOR IT!!!

Bundles benefit you because you will sell more than a single product, while your customer benefits because they have one less decision to make. Instead of having to curate their own bundles for a loved one, they can choose from existing bundles and skip the curation. There are many creative ways to “pack” gift bundles and present them to your customers as value packs, gift baskets, bundles for him, for her, for the little ones, etc.

2. Offer free delivery , shipping and returns –

In order to obtain gifts for all their loved ones, your customers will most likely need to source products from several places. This means that shipping fees can quickly add up!

Increase the chances of converting holiday shoppers by offering free delivery during the holiday season. If you don’t offer free shipping already. If your online visitors have a choice between a similar store that offers free shipping while yours doesn’t, they’re likely to pick the option with free shipping, so don’t let your competition get the edge here.

3. Run a “12 Days of Christmas” promo

“12 Days of Christmas” is a common Christmas promotion idea that adds some variety to holiday e-commerce marketing. During this type of promotion, each of the 12 days will typically focus on promoting one discounted item every single day. Starting December 10th, a different product is promoted each day.

This type of promotion does more than mix things up for your visitors – it adds an element of scarcity to your holiday marketing efforts. That’s because each item is discounted for only 24 hours. So if your visitors are interested in your discount of the day, they know they have to purchase on that day if they want to take advantage of this promotion. On top of that, a 12 Days of Christmas promo acts like a fun event! Customers who follow your brand will be excited to follow along for the ride and anticipate what happens next.

4. Create holiday-themed packaging or limited-edition packaging

Your packaging says a lot about your brand – and for some consumers, a difference in packaging can be just as important as the quality of your products. If you have the resources to offer holiday-only packaging, you should do so. This won’t just help you make more sales this year – it will impact what your customers think about your brand and may help increase your sales for the year to come.

Click Frenzy and Cyber Monday – Looking for an alternative promo to have aside Black Friday season? then here you go! You are welcome. If you’re looking to increase sales over the Christmas period, Click Frenzy is an easy win. Discounting comes with its strategic dangers so you might have to sacrifice some margin – but you’ll gain a huge chunk of new customers. If you nurture these folks into repeat customers post purchase, you’ll make up for the little margin dip.

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