5 things in tech you need to know today

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Tech has becomes an undeniable necessity and currently, our livelihoods depend solely on tech. Hence when a new issue pops up, we are eager to hear about it. News pertaining to tech is where it all leads. Here are 5 major things happening in tech right now that you need to know about.


1. Huawei wants to be off the security threat list – The Chinese smartphone giant filed a lawsuit with the New Orleans fifth circuit court of appeals, claiming the Federal Communications Commission unlawfully designated Huawei a national security threat in June.

2. An ethical hacker breached Apple, Microsoft, Netflix, and other firms – Alex Birsan carried out the hacks after closely reading code that firms uploaded to open-source repositories hosted by companies like GitHub.

3. Facebook wants its own Clubhouse – The firm has a team working on a new project that aims to replicate the core functionality of the buzzy new social media app, Clubhouse, the New York Times reported on Wednesday

4. Twitter will never lift Trump’s ban – CFO Ned Segal confirmed that Donald Trump’s ban from the platform is a permanent one — even if the former president decides to seek public office again.

5. Uber beat its Q4 expectations –  The firm on Wednesday reported it had beat Wall Street’s expectations on earnings but missed on revenue expectations while posting its eleventh consecutive unprofitable quarter