Believe it or not remote work is happening now, here is how to make it work for you

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Imagine the office environment you are so accustomed to becoming a thing of the past… a relic 


You have heard of remote work before, haven’t you? You have heard about it being used as an alternate means of making money, legitimately bidding for jobs and actually getting paid as you deliver the results. Well, what you have heard before is happening here and now. Remote work as been growing so fast, people have been getting good at it day in day out, and what all of a sudden, there is a pandemic. You have to work from home and there you are thinking how the hell am I going to pull this off? You cannot wrap your head around it, well believe it or not remote work is happening now, not tomorrow, not next month, not next year, right now and here is how to make it work for you. Especially in this era.


Starting out I bet you are wondering what remote work is? It involves employees or individuals working from different or multiple locations for a period of time. People that work permanently from various locations are known as freelancers, however, the time has come for most of us to start acting like freelancers. The dynamics of working and delivering results are changing at a tough speed. The very structure of work is changing and companies are struggling to adapt. Especially now in this pandemic, people are forced to adapt to delivering results remotely or suffer a breakdown in business. More than 1,000 hiring decision-makers show how prevalent remote work is becoming:


  • 63 per cent of companies now have remote workers, yet 57 per cent of companies have no remote work policies.
  • 48 per cent of companies use freelancers (up from 43 a year ago), while work done by freelancers increased 168 per cent.
  • 6 times more hiring managers believe agile team structures will become the norm.
  • 3 times as many believe offices will become temporary anchor points versus daily travel destinations.


In fact, hiring managers believe remote work will change the nature of work more than A.I. . There are unwritten rules of work that remote work counteracts. Rules like:


  • Being seen at your desk assures the manager knows you’re working.
  • Arriving later or leaving earlier must equal a lack of commitment.
  • Recognition/promotions go to in-office workers.
  • “Hard work” equals time on the clock versus net outcomes.
  • Critical discussions (even on career) happen in the hallways and are missed at home.


Working remotely requires a level of flexibility coupled with high emotional intelligence. The results are optimum performance. If you are a control freak, you will naturally scorn at the idea of your team working from home, but this, in fact, is the true test of your leadership skills. 


  1. Be objective in managing 

You do not have to see your team to know that they are getting work done, managing objectively means that your goal is pretty straight forward… results. You need to have a level of trust to put this in play. Put realistic timelines and communicate. 



  • Be clear on your expectations 


Working remotely does not mean, wait and see if work will be done, you must set clear goals for yourself, that slowly bring you closer and closer to delivering the desired results. If you manage a team, be clear on your expectations, use channels like slack and discord. Have a central point where you can go back and forth on discussions. Take calls on zoom etc to align on work. Use all the remote productivity and collaboration tools at your disposal.  



  • Do not overdo it 


One take-home factor of working remotely is that the tendency to over analyses and push people might push them to their breaking point faster than you can imagine. Set clear realistic goals and wait for delivery. Do not overdo it. There is already a whole world of people out there working remotely, outsourcing work to strangers based on merit and proof of work and they deliver… all the time. Have faith in your team. And prepare for optimum performance because it will happen. Good luck!