Clubhouse confirms its data spillage on audio streams

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Clubhouse, the new social media platform, which is the only audio-only social media platform has become the new sensation globally. The social media platform, whilst different from other platforms has given other big guys in the social media business a lot to think about. Clubhouse is currently only available to iOS users, but talks of an android version is underway.

The app also allows users to join and participate in pop-up public or private audio chatrooms, promising that conversations are not recorded and have to be experienced live.

But US cyber-security researchers tweeted that a user had found a way to stream audio to another website.

Clubhouse confirmed the spill Bloomberg, saying it banned the user.

The app firm said it had installed new “safeguards” to prevent conversations from being streamed again.

The data spillage is reported to be different from a data breach in that data breaches are deliberate and usually carried out by someone hacking into a system to steal data.

A data spillage, on the other hand, is an incident whereby confidential information is released into an environment that is not authorised to have access to the information.

According to researchers, the incident occurred because a user had realized that it was possible to be in multiple chatrooms at once.

By understanding how this worked, the user could connect a Clubhouse API to his website, and essentially “share” his login remotely with anyone on the internet who wanted to listen to the audio chats from the app.

Concerns over security

Sunday’s incident comes after Clubhouse made assurances that user data couldn’t be stolen by cyber-criminals or state-sponsored hackers, in response to a warning from Stanford University’s Internet Observatory, which is headed by Facebook’s former security chief Alex Stamos.

Will Clubhouse be the next big thing or will it sink due to problems? What are your thoughts?