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You have tried out many new things to improve every facet of your life. You enrolled in a sales course, started out at the gym, and have even started reading books. But somehow, you can’t keep the momentum..

A few days or weeks into the future, you feel like ‘what’s the point?’ and you eventually give up.

You are missing a key ingredient in the mix. The art of being consistent. Consistency is the quality of having a regularly occurring, dependable nature. To be consistent is to keep doing something in the same way continuously, without fail.

Consistency, just like salt, preserves our determination for self-improvement. Salt preserves food for a relatively long period of time. Consistency preserves our determination in that when we keep doing the activities that help us get better and we see improvement, we are encouraged to keep pushing forward until we get to the level that we want to be, even beyond.

Consistency helps us turn self-improving activities into habits. When habits form, we forget all the discomfort we faced along the way, and we are preoccupied with the pleasure surfacing from seeing, in reality, our desired results.

Salt binds different flavours together to produce a savoury taste, much to the delight of the person eating. Consistency also binds all self-improving activities together to produce a better, more improved and confident person.

Consistency isn’t easy to achieve, but with constant practice and deliberate efforts, we will develop the habit of being consistent as we journey on the path to self-improvement. Consistency brings flavour and satisfaction in self-development.


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