Does your business have a heartbeat?

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Most business people focus on their products/services and not the why of the business. Business decisions are made based on assumptions about the relationships between different aspects of their business operations, strategies and data points.

Can you articulate your business scope and bane of existence?

No, not your mission or vision statement. It also has nothing to do with your occasional philanthropic gestures. You need a human-centred lens to look at your business.

The heart is at the core of human survival. During a normal lifetime, the heart may beat over 2 billion times. The rate and rhythm go unnoticed for the most part, but without it we are nothing.

What sets the rate and rhythm of your business heartbeat? Is it loud and concise enough to propel employees, customers and stakeholders to dance to the beat?

Your business heartbeat stems from your company culture.

The personality of your business is your business culture. Don’t think product and services just yet.

  • Why does your business exist?

  • What makes your business existence exciting to you and your employees?

The heartbeat of your business is also the people that make up the culture.

You know you have a positive culture when your employees can’t stop raving about your company’s way of doing things.

“Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first.”

– Simon Sinek

“People can steal your products and services, but the WAY you deliver those products and services – no one can take that.”

Nothing beats having employees or colleagues who love working with each other, good at what they do, love what they do and see its relevance and feel that what they are doing matters. No policies, set of rules can beat having self-driven and fulfilled employees

“Maintaining an effective culture is so important that it trumps even strategy.”

– Howard Stevenson

When your business has a heartbeat people will look forward to coming to work and have a hard time leaving.

It helps in your recruiting process. When you have identified what makes your business heartbeat? You only hire employees who can dance to the music.

Take a day or two to reflect on what your business heartbeat is. When you find it, make sure you pay attention to it, dance to the rhythm and watch your business take a positive turn to prominence.