New Zealand wipes out COVID-19 after last infected person recovers.

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New Zealand wipes out COVID-19 after last infected person recovers.

There is hope for the world after all.

New Zealand has been able to successfully eliminate the virus after the last person infected recovered.

The charismatic and forward-thinking prime minister, Jacinda Ardern is confident the country had stopped the spread of COVID-19 but might see new cases in the future.

"We are confident we have eliminated the transmission of the virus in New Zealand for now, but elimination is not a point in time, it is a sustained effort," she told a news conference.

"I do want to say again, we will almost certainly see cases here again, and that is not a sign that we have failed, it is a reality of this virus. But if and when that occurs we have to make sure, and we are, that we are prepared."

New Zealand is a country with 5, million people yet recorded just above 1,500 cases, with only 22 deaths.

The small, wealthy nation’s bold plan has garnered applause from all over the world


On Mar. 23, New Zealand announced harsh lockdown measures. At that time only 100 people had tested positive for the virus in the country with no deaths. “We must go hard and we must go early,” Ardern said some days prior when announcing what she described as world’s toughest border restrictions.


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