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The amoeba is a very small, unicellular organism that cannot be seen with the naked eye. It is one of the simplest living things that live in lakes and ponds. The amoeba might not be a force to be reckoned with, but there are some things to learn from this simple organism that will help emerging entrepreneurs, and they include the following:

  1. The amoeba does not have a cell wall; hence it can move from one place to another without inhibitions. As an entrepreneur, do not put yourself in a fixed area of interest. It is good to carve a niche for yourself and to focus on a particular line of business. However, the goal of entrepreneurship is to seek out opportunities in any place, anything or any field and to create wealth out of those opportunities. It does not hurt to explore other options. Do not put a wall around you.
  2. The amoeba has the ability to alter its shape by extending and retracting its pseudopods or ‘false feet’. When it has to move forward, it simply grows these false feet from any area of its cell towards the direction it wants to go. As an entrepreneur, you must be aware of changes that will impact your business positively or negatively. Map out your business strategies that will cater to any changes that the market will throw at you. You must be ready to adapt to change at any time, and in any way.
  3. The amoeba regulates its osmotic pressure by controlling the water that flows into it, using its contractile vacuole. Failure to control the inflow of water into its cell will cause it to burst and die. As an entrepreneur, you must control the thoughts and feedback that you allow into your mind. You cannot control everything that you hear, be it advice from those around you, or internal thoughts. Especially in difficult times, you must discipline your mind to focus on the goal of your business. Allowing negative thoughts to invade your mind will burst open and kill your zeal and determination to succeed in your business.

The amoeba may not be as formidable as the lion or the tiger, but it has survived for centuries and is still thriving, and is capable of impacting the lives of other living things tremendously. You can learn from the attributes of the amoeba and advance in your business.

Remember, it is not how big your business plans are that makes the difference; it is the little steps you take towards making your plan a reality that matters.