The Era of Business Auras: Creating a strong digital presence for your business

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Seventy percent. That is the percentage of small businesses that collapse within the first 10 years of business. Scary right? Definitely.

As a business owner, you might have worried about the possibility of your business failing too. You might be wondering how you can keep the cash flowing in and how you can stay relevant on the market. Hey, it’s okay to have those fears. Your fears are justifiable and can be very valuable, only if they motivate and pinch you to act fast and make sure your business never finds itself in the mud. But how can you do that?
The antidote to this is quite simple. Building a strong digital presence for your business. And that doesn’t only mean having your business on social media or building a website for your business. It means giving your business an aura of quality and confidence.

An aura is a distinctive atmosphere or quality that seems to surround and be generated by a person, thing, or place. It is the kind of energy you exude when you are around people and the feeling you invoke in people when they hear your name.

The aura of your business is the strength of its presence online. You might be a brick-and-mortar business, but your online presence speaks volumes about you and your credibility, especially in this digital era.


Your digital presence is basically the space you own online. It includes elements you can control, such as your website, social media profiles, your listings in business directories and events or organizations you are active in, and elements you can’t control, like online reviews and ratings from previous clients.

Basically, it is the totality of your entire business online.

This is both good and bad. Good because it provides your business with so many tools to reach out to a lot of people who might be interested in your business and bad because it can spell doom for your business if it’s not well utilized and is very difficult to run it consistently due to its vast nature.
A small or growing business that doesn’t have a digital presence in this day and age is bound to fail along the line, and this is not being said to scare you, it is total facts!

The statistics I stated earlier showed that 70% of small businesses fail within the first 10 years. Further research shows that a shocking 82% of these companies failed due to cash flow problems. This means they weren’t making enough sales, charging the right prices, or being paid on time by their customers because they didn’t value their services enough. Having a digital presence helps you to avoid these kinds of problems.

Research shows that 70–80% of potential customers research a business online before ever visiting their location, reaching out, or buying from them. This implies that your digital presence directly influences 70-80 percent of your potential sales.

Most people today look for a solution to their problems online, and so if your business can’t be found on Google, has only awful reviews or no reviews or the quality of your content is poor and inconsistent, you’re likely to miss up to 80% of your sales and customers. That is a cash issue you can’t ignore.

These things from the point of view of a business owner, seem little and trivial. But for your prospective customers, it could be a do or die matter.

By creating a strong digital presence for your business, you help answer important questions your potential customers have to ask about your business before they decide to do business with you. That includes who you are, the services you offer, evidence of your work and reviews about your product or service. All these little pieces of information convince your potential customers that you are a legitimate business entity they can trust to do business with.

The stronger your digital presence is, the more visible your business becomes. Your business gets advertised to a vast audience of potential customers, that will be able to find you very easily in the future, whether they know you already or not.

Your digital presence also establishes your authority as a business in whichever industry you find yourself in because you get to show your knowledge and expertise of the industry and build trust in your customers without bragging. You also get to explain your products and services and how well they can help them so that when they think about such services or products in the future, they will know your business is the best at it out there.


Now that we’ve established the importance of a digital presence, you must be itching to know how exactly you can build one that is strong enough to create a lasting impression in the minds of your customers.
Here are 5 proven ways of building a strong and impressive digital presence for your business.


If your business is not already on social media, then it needs to get there asap. Social media is a go-to place for most people around the world and is a cost-effective way to advertise and engage with customers online.

All you need to do is to create an account on any social media platform, that is specifically for your business and make sure to post relevant and exciting content all the time. It doesn’t have to end there. You need to analyze all your business social media platforms and know which one gets the most traction for your business so you can concentrate there.

Remember that the different platforms work differently for everyone, and so you need to find the one that works for your business. It could be Facebook, Instagram, or even Twitter. You’ll never know until you analyze them all.

Once you know which platform to concentrate on, you can then invest in paid ads and promoted campaigns. You need to spend money to get money and spending at least a dollar in paid ads can reach more clients than your organic post reach could.


Your online content needs to have an aura. Yes, AURA! Over the years, content marketing has become a big thing for marketers and businesses all over the world. Content marketing involves appealing to the emotions of your customer base with the content that they can relate to.

Social media today is crowded with a lot of other businesses trying to get customers to patronize their products. In order not to join the crowd in making noise on social media, you need to create content that has 4 key elements: Authenticity, Usefulness, Relevance, and Action (AURA)

Your content needs to be authentic, unique, and impossible to overlook. This means setting the trends and not following them. You need to be able to give people who view your business confidence in what you do by sticking to the things you do best and showcasing it to the world.

Your content also needs to stay useful. Your customers need to see exactly what you do and how best it can help them through your content. You also need to be ready and alert to address customer issues as fast as possible. Brushing off complaints or being rude to customers on social media can spell doom for your entire business if it is not well resolved and we wouldn’t want that.

You also need to be able to stay relevant at all times. Setting trends doesn’t mean ignoring useful trends when they come up. Make sure you stay on top of whatever activity goes on and utilize it fully to your advantage as fast as you can because trends change very quickly.

Lastly, your content needs to inspire your customers to take action. It has to encourage your customers to do more than just read a caption or watch a video. Encouraging them to like, share, subscribe, or visit your website keeps the interaction going. By doing this, you gradually pull potential customers down your sales funnel and turn them into actual paying ones.


This is the most critical aspect of your digital presence. This is where people will go to see whether you are legit and have what they want.

Your website helps form the first impression people will have about your business. According to Forbes, the majority of people form an impression within the first 7 seconds of seeing it. Therefore, your website needs to be well built and most look professional and welcoming enough to attract customers. See this as your store or office space that is online.

To do this, you need to make sure you build a website that is user friendly. Your website needs to look simple and clean and must be easy to navigate. It must also provide every information customers will need to know about the business.

Pay critical attention to how your website looks on mobile devices since research shows that more than half of website traffic is from mobile devices.

Building a website today is very easy thanks to website building software like WordPress, Wix, and GoDaddy. For a business website, however, it is advisable to get an expert to build for you, as this makes it look professional and have important key features you might not be able to add yourself.

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