Why Business Launch Party?

  • Starting or managing a business can be a hard and lonely place, and we want to celebrate those people who have taken a bold step to start a new business or have decided to stay in business regardless of all the challenges they face on a daily basis.
  • We want to raise money for 10 businesses. We don’t know how much, might be as little as 100 GHC or can be more than 1000 GHC. It is dependent on the response from the general public, your friends, and family.
  • We want to celebrate you, create a buzz around your products, services or general offering and tell the world how awesome you are. Who knows you could garner so much goodwill and meet your prospective customers and clients.
  • We just want an excuse to throw a party this December. Lots of food, games, music, dance, drinks.

Are you an entrepreneur or a new business person who wants to be part of this? Please fill this form here

Are you interested in donating cash or items to make this event a success? please fill this form here.


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