Merging the Brightest Tech Talents With The Best Companies

Building a tech school that offers various training to curious minds in Africa with the aim of merging them with companies looking to hire tech talents from Africa.

The Problem

  1. Lack of access to tools and training
  2. Lack of access to a community of mentors
  3. Lack of funded courses and trainings
  4. Building a career with coding and lack of employment opportunities for Africans

The Solution

  1. A community for software engineers
  2. A platform to give anyone access to courses and trainings; accessible through the web and mobile.
  3. An avenue to build and develop the skill of coding; step by step guide to building your career in tech.
  4. Building bridges between employers and employees by providing career resources and opportunities

The Vision

Codewit is committed to making it possible for everyone anywhere in the world to learn to code and have fun doing it! Codewit's mission is not just about teaching people how to code but also about giving them the chance to build their own projects and share them with other Codewit users. We are changing the world of tech; one training at a time

We turn ideas into companies. We do it to tackle big societal problems, create products people love and build successful companies.

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